What Bikini Suits my Shape? The 5 Different Types of Bikini

When summer arrives, it's time to hit the beach in style, go swimming and enjoy the good weather. Yet, the burning question remains:  "How to find the perfect body shape swimwear?" Dive into our guide on bikini shapes and find out what bikini bottoms are most flattering for your body type!

Three women on the beach in sporty swimwear

Different Types of Bikini: Matching Your Figure!

Women's bodies come in a variety of shapes, and determining your body shape swimwear fit is essential. If you have ever asked yourself the question "What bikini suits my shape?", using a tape measure can provide clarity. Measure your chest, hips and waist to identify which body type you are. Determining your figure type is very important in order to find well-fitting bikinis for you! For women there are 5 different body types.

Figure type A: Bikini for Pear Shape

As the best bikini for a pear shape, we recommend push-up bikinis or the so-called balconnet bikini tops. Swimsuits for pear shapes create a balanced look, adding volume to the upper body so that the whole body image appears more curvy. You can also accentuate your curves even more with ruffled bikini tops or a sports bikini from our Surf Collection. The latter one will show your sporty side. 

Figure type O: Bikini for Curvy Body Shape

If you're an O-type with a fuller belly, high-waist bikini bottoms or swimsuits are ideal for you.  The goal is to cover the belly with a bikini and craft a slimmer silhouette.

Figure type H: Flattering bikinis for the Tube Type 

The goal with this figure type is to give an illusion of curves. This is possible with bandeau bikinis, but also with the Brazil bikini. The former gives the upper body more volume, ensuring a flattering bikini fit. The same applies to the Brazil bikini, which, however, focuses more on the bottom parts.

Confused by all the different bikini type names? Read about the most common bikini styles here. 

Figure type X: Body Shape Swimwear for the Hourglass Type

With an hourglass figure, there's freedom in bikini choices! Focus on matching accessories and colours while maintaining the distinct silhouette. Select your favourite high-quality swimwear that complements your shape.

Figure type V: Bikini for Apple Shape

For the apple-shaped V figure type, th triangle bikini is perfect as it draws attention  on your décolleté. Since V figure types often have a larger bust and narrower hips, ensure the bikini fits you right. Use our interactive bikini size chart to make sure you're on the safe side! .

Types of Bikini Bottoms and Tops to Conceal Problem Areas? These Bikinis Make It Possible

Want to hide certain areas with your swimwear? Say no more! From bikini with tummy cover options to designs for a small chest like bandeau bikinis with ruffles, there's a perfect style for every concern. 

Are you searching for a bikini for a small bust? Try a piece that has embellishments on the bikini top to make the bust appear more voluminous. Bandeau bikinis with ruffles are also great, as they give a slim silhouette a more curvy look.

Seeking a bikini to cover a larger belly? Swimsuits and high waisted bikini bottoms not only conceal but look beautiful and are also currently on-trend! 

Self-confidence is Your Best Accessory 

When asking the question "Which bikini suits my body type?", the ultimate answer to that is the one you wear with confidence. Remember: Self-confidence really makes you shine! Embrace your uniqueness, and don't let insecurities overshadow precious beach memories. Years from now, you'll remember only the good times you had at the beach! Wouldn't you like to keep those fond memories instead of holding on to your insecurities? Certainly not! So, pick your favourite bikini and make every beach day count

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