What Types of Bikinis Are There? Exploring the Varieties

When it comes to bikinis, the array of types of bikinis can be overwhelming. From Brazilian bikinis to monokinis, there’s a vast selection. With so many bikini styles and shapes to choose from, making a decision can be tough sometimes. But fear not! Here, we'll introduce you to the most popular bikini types to aid in your buying decision.

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Finding the Bikini Shape that Suits You 

Curious about the different bikini styles and bikini names? You're in the right spot!  Not only do we introduce you to the different bikini types, but we also give you tips on which figure types these bikinis suit best.

The Different Bikini Top Styles

Introducing the different types of bikini top styles and giving advice for different body shapes. So you can feel comfortable at all times.

Bandeau Bikini

Seeking a bikini without tan lines on the shoulders? The bandeau bikini is the right choice for you. It is one of the different bikini top styles especially fitting for curvier women because it flatters the silhouette and fits better.

Bustier Bikini

Women with a large bust sometimes have difficulties finding a bikini that offers enough support. That’s where the bustier bikini comes in. Bustier bikinis offer ideal support thanks to the underwiring in the bustier. They even accentuate the bust and allow you to go for activities in the lake, pool or sea without worrying about the top slipping. 

Bikini Bottom Styles

Everyone knows the horror of being on the beach and constantly worrying that your bikini bottoms won't fit properly. To prevent this fear, we will introduce you to the different types of bikini bottoms and explain the advantages of each. 

String Bikini 

The string bikini, often known as a triangle bikini, is trending! It allows you to adjust the bikini perfectly to your body using strings. Especially this summer, the bikini ranks high on many women's list of favourite bikini shapes and for good reason. With its flexibility, it enhances curves (wear the bottom high on your hips) while flattering the décolleté.

Brazilian Bikini

Wish to draw attention to your bum? The Brazilian bikini is your go-to - you'll attract all the attention with it for sure. This bikini bottom style is revealing and cheeky, often paired with the triangl bikini.

Bikini Set Types


You find the bikini too revealing for you, but a swimming costume is too boring? Between revealing bikinis and plain swimsuits lies the monokini. It comes in all kinds of colours and shapes and has beautiful cut-outs focusing on your figure. The good news is that there are many different monokinis models, so you can be sure to  find the one that suits you best. Wish to conceal your tummy? Choose a monokini with a cut-out at the back. Want to accentuate your curves? Then go for a monokini with cut-outs on the sides.

Surfer Bikini

Are bikini fit and function essential for you? Passionate about surfing and looking for a bikini that will suit your needs? Bikinis for surfing need to be resilient and snug. Not only do you not want to expose yourself, but at the same time, you do not have the time to deal with a  bikini that doesn't fit properly out there in the sea. Your sole concern should be the waves! 

We at Jolyn have developed the Foreverever Technology, offering durable bikini types and swimsuits supporting all water activities. Browse our surf collection and find your next perfect surfer bikini.

Tip: To ensure that swimwear always retains its beautiful color, it is important to care for it properly after swimming. Read everything you need to know about washing bikinis on our blog! 😊

Different Bikini Styles Depending on Your Figure 

Are you ready to find your perfect bikini from a wide range of bikini styles? Here are some suggestions on bikinis types that might suit your figure

Note: These are only suggestions, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable when wearing them!

Bikinis for a Large Bust Size

With a larger bust, it can sometimes be daunting to find a bikini that supports water sports. In this case, bustier bikinis and monokinis are top choices.

Bikinis for a Small Bust Size

You have a smaller bust and wonder which bikini fits you best? Consider string bikinis or triangle bikinis. Make sure the bikini top has padding for extra curves.

Bikinis for a Curvy Figure

Monokinis, a blend of bikinis and swimsuits, with captivating cut-outs, are ideal for curvier figures. They come in many different styles and shapes. 

Bikinis for a Straight Figure 

Desire curves? Then opt for a string bikini or a Brazilian bikini. We recommend you combine  these either with a triangle top or a bandeau bikini top. For medium busts, bandeau tops ensure support.

Feel like exploring? From bikini style bras for added support to bikini types that flatter every figure, we've got you covered. Take a look!

Still unsure? Check out our guide on different figure types and find out how the right bikini can boost your confidence!

Our Brand Ambassadors Guide You: Finding the Ideal Bikini! 

Looking for a bikini style emphasising your figure, looking good and at the same time being suitable for swimming, diving, surfing, or skydiving? Jolyn is your brand. Our ambassadors demonstrate the bikinis' efficacy and style.   

Navigate through our different bikini styles and choose your water sports companion today!

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